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  • Free Standard Installation!

No additional calibration appointment fees which may add an additional $20 to your monthly rental fees


State DUI Laws:

State DUI Laws - Interactive Map:

When choosing an Interlock Company, Instant interlock offers one of the easiest to use Ignition Interlock Devices with the latest Technology available in the industry. Since our inception, Instant Interlock has strived to improve our Ignition Interlock Device, reduce reporting issues and improve the customer experience.  When required to install an Ignition Interlock Device, Instant Interlock has convenient locations at a reasonable price.

Instant Interlock! Straight Blow!  No Suck Back or Humming (Singing a Tune) During a Test!

Understand the difference and never settle for anything but Straight Blow in States that only require Straight Blow! 

If you are required to install an Ignition Interlock Device or if an Attorney or Judge is offering early installation of an Interlock Device as deferment of the jail sentence, Instant Interlock will assist you by offering a reliable and often the least expensive Ignition Interlock Device available.  
  • Instant Interlock is your provider for your Arizona Ignition interlock, California Ignition Interlock, Texas Ignition Interlock & your New Mexico Ignition Interlock
  • At Instant Interlock, our goal is to ensure that you regain your driving privileges in the shortest time frame allowed with the least expense 
  • We make sure your obligations are fulfilled as conveniently as possible
  • Your road to a safer tomorrow begins today
  • One of the Easiest Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Instant Interlock Ignition Interlock Handset can be unplugged!  
  • Fast Start up time
  • One of the Best Ignition Interlock Systems in the Nation
  • Getting you back on the road Safely and Legally
  • Automated billing
  • STRAIGHT BLOW AND DRIVE IN ARIZONA AND CALIFORNIA! (Some States require additional test procedures)


The team at Instant Interlock want to make your life easier during your DUI - Ignition Interlock Device requirements.  With a helpful, knowledgeable staff and skillfully trained Service Center Technicians, we will have you back on the road quickly. The Instant Interlock device is designed to be easy to use. We encourage you to contact one of our helpful representatives at 888-260-3368 and see how easy we make this process.