Ignition Interlock Devices

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No Calibration Fees! (Ask other companies about calibration appointment fees which may add an additional $25 to your monthly rental fees.  You may be required to pay the company or your service center this fee for every calibration and non-calibration appointment)

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**You must provide a credit card for the monthly payments during account setup and a $1 non-refundable administrative fee will be required. To take advantage of the first month free, you must mention Promo Code (freemo1) at time of account setup.

Free Standard Installation Promotion!



Free Standard Installation Promotion!
3-4 Second Straight Blow
  • SIMPLE TO USE,  STRAIGHT BLOW & GO! - No suck back or humming while taking a test**
  • Instant Interlock devices only require you to perform a 3-4 second straight blow and your test is complete
  • Certified to temperature standards as high as 185+ degrees F to as low as -40 degrees F
  • Certified to meet the new 2013 NHTSA Standards
Dual Fuel Cell Sensor Technology
  • Helps to eliminates False Positives, Saving time and money

**Some states do not allow straight blow only Ignition Interlock Devices and require additional requirements when completing a test.  Instant Interlock Ignition Interlock devices can be programmed to handle all state requirements including Camera and GPS.