California ($55 Per Month, CA) New Mexico Ignition Interlock Provider

Interlock Promotion $55 per month in California & Arizona Promos

Free Standard Installation!  Don't pay large upfront fees!

  • Easiest to Use - Straight Blow, No Suck Back or Humming a tune during a test required!
  • Free Standard Installation!
  • No Calibration fees! (All Calibration fees included in our monthly rental rates)
  • Lowest Monthly Rental Rates!
  • No Missed Appointment Fees!
  • No Rebates Needed
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Low Cost, Least Expensive, Cheapest Interlock, Simple Interlock!

No additional calibration appointment fees which may add an additional $20 to your monthly rental fees.

Instant Interlock "New Client Price Quotes" (800) 957-0036, Ext 1

Free Standard Installation Promotion!

  • Simple to Operate, User Friendly - Ignition Interlock Devices
  • Instant Interlock Device - Straight blow and drive! 
  • Our Interlock devices do not require that you blow, then suck back, then blow again or hum (sing a tune) while testing!
  • Dual Fuel Cell Sensor Technology, helps eliminate false positive test!


State Ignition Interlock Laws:
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