Instant Interlock Contact Information:

  • Instant Interlock "New Client Price Quotes" (800) 957-0036, Ext 1
  • Instant Interlock "Billing” (800) 957-0036, Ext 2
  • Instant Interlock "All Other Inquiries” (800) 957-0036, Ext 4

No appointment can be schedule with an Instant Interlock Certified Service Center without your receipt of an email from Instant Interlock LLC approving your service center visit.  When requesting authorizations below, all information must be filled in, including a valid email address and phone number.


Reset appointments require that your Ignition Interlock Device must be in a lockout countdown or a blocked state.

Install – Once you have entered your information below, hit "Submit", then please call 800-957-0036 Ext 1 to get any questions answered and finalize your account for installation.

Calibration – Standardized State required Service Center visits for Data Download and Calibration of Device (30 to 60 day intervals per your State requirements).  You are required by the State to know your State Mandated Calibration intervals and next Service Date.

Reset – Non-standard Service Center visits including missed test and/or failed test.  (The following may contain Alcohol and may cause alcohol test readings: Mouthwash, Electronic Vapor Cigarettes, application of Artificial finger nails following salon visits, nail polish, nail polish remover, perfume, cologne, car air fresheners and gasoline containing alcohol).

Removal – Submit removal request per your scheduled Ignition Interlock Program State Mandate

State Regulators, Courts and Judges mandate that all individuals in the DUI Ignition Interlock program be aware of their required/mandatory Calibration visits.  It is the responsibility of the individual in the Ignition Interlock program to know the date and schedule their Calibrations with their Service Center.  Do not rely solely on the device for your scheduling.  Any State Mandated Calibration visits missed will be documented and could cause an immediate suspension and arrest warrant issued (per your State Laws).  If you have requested a Calibration/Reset visit, your next Calibration Date will be on your signed Calibration/Reset authorization form. Utilize your State Mandated scheduling or the Service Center Calibration/Reset Authorization Form with your next Service Date to schedule your next required Calibration.  IMPORTANT! Please carefully read and make sure that the form is filled out completely.  Ask your Service Center for a copy of your Signed Calibration/Reset Service Center Authorization Form which will have your next required Calibration Date listed.  If you have any questions regarding the information contained on the Calibration/Reset authorization form, please contact Instant Interlock LLC at (800) 957-0036, Ext 4 for further assistance.

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