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Subject: Removed interlock


Hello staff at instant interlock.

First,  I would like to thank you for such incredible

Service over this year.   You've taken one of the stresses out of dealing

with the effects of a bad choice. So  Thankyou!

Thank you in advance


Subject: [Website feedback] customer service person

Message:  Hi wonderful instant interlock workers.  Please email me a compliance letter for the Judge. My last one I think.  I know you did it last month but apparently I had the Wrong date. It's due tomorrow.

Thank you so much,

You have all been awesome.

Thank you in advance

Have a great day

Subject: [Website feedback] customer service pers 

To Supervisor for Instant Interlock.

I would like to commend your employee XXXXXXX for his exemplary customer service when dealing with my issue. He was extremely understanding and listened to my issue.  He was able to resolve my problem quickly and professionally. You should be very proud of him and pleased to have him on your team. In today's business climate it is somewhat unusual to have employees that truly care about their customers and show them the respect that they are entitled to.

Your Mr. XXXXXXX does exactly that. I am a retired businessman and would have paid dearly to have employees like XXXXXXX.  You are very fortunate to have him.


To: instant Interlock

Subject: Re: Service Center Authorization Request 
I was very pleased with the services that you provided.
Thank You,


Subject: Excellent Staff

I'm writing this email to let you know what an excellent job xxxxxx in your main office did in handling an issue my partner and I had with our interlock system.
xxxxxx took my calls and assisted me through the process of getting our faulty system repaired. She was always a pleasure on the phone and really took the time to help us. She is definitely an asset to your organization.
Thank you!


Subject: I want to express acknowledgement

To whom it may concern,
My name is xxxxxx, I have been with your company for fourteen (14) months now, of the assigned eighteen (18) month requirement.  As trying to the mind, heart and soul that this experience has placed on me.  I want you to know that I want to send acknowledgement to xxxxxxx, who has been extremely helpful these last two days.  xxxxxx has extensive knowledge and has been so comforting in this trial I have had to face in dealing with Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles.  
xxxxxx needs to be acknowledged for not only dealing with the situation, but also me calling her pretty much every hour and bugging her.  I want to thank xxxxxx for her help! There are very few people that are human to people in my situation of having to have a interlock placed on their vehicle. But, xxxxxx not only helped me, she had the empathy that many lack these days.  THANK YOU!  Thank you for your service and help. You will never know how much I appreciate it!
Thank you again.

Subject: Customer Service/Billing

To the supervisor/Billing,
My name is xxxxxx
This is to inform you that I have contacted your billing department several times for my sons case and bills.  I have been talking to xxxxxx and would like to advise you that xxxxxx is one of the best person to deal with.  She answers with courtesy and is detailed and patient.  She is compassionate and understanding of the situation us parents are in when we call.  I am highly impressed with her attitude of service to us as customers.  
Would like to thank her for her excellent services. 
Thank you

Subject: 're:Employee

Good Afternoon, 
 I just want to let you know that xxxxxx is an asset to your company. xxxxxx has helped me on several different occasions and has always helped me in a professional and timely manner. It's difficult to find employees that are so caring and understanding. I know how difficult it is to work with people on the phone, and I'm sure with your company you get some rather less than pleasant customers. I hope xxxxxx gets the recognition that she deserves!  She went above and beyond what I'm sure her job description entails, and I just wanted management to know this!
Thank you and even though I wish I never had to deal with this problem, xxxxxx made it easier. 
Kind Regards, 
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